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As of July 2018: I’ve moved all my photos over to an Adobe Lightroom Portfolio. So I will be showcasing all my photography there view that website. You can expect some of the following to be available.

  1. iPhone Photography
  2. DSLR Photography
  3. Drone Footage (Coming Soon)


As of July 2018: This website will feature blog posts pertaining to my journey as a photographer and how it helps me cope with diabetes and my daily life. The mission of “Project Felix” has always been to share how I’m growing with photography and using it as a medical aid to help me with my diabetes and other health related issues that I will later open up about. I will also use this website to post any other blogs posts that I determine is worth sharing.


Please keep the following 2 websites bookmarked if you wish to keep up to date.


Main Website   &  Photography Portfolio 



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